Hegel Polska | Hegel Röst – test SoundStage!
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Hegel Röst – test SoundStage!

As a listener, I’m new to Hegel the audio equipment maker. As a reader, I’m familiar with Hegel the German philosopher, mostly due to his influence on the thinking of Karl Marx. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) is associated with the Hegelian Dialectic, in which things and ideas evolve in a continual process of change that finds synthesis in an ideal reality. Marx, among other things, is known for turning Hegel on his head by shifting the Hegelian Dialectic from the ideal world back to the material one. The Röst is the latest integrated amplifier ($3000 USD) from Norway’s Hegel Music Systems. What, you might be wondering, does dialectic thinking have to do with a new integrated amp? Well, the Röst represents an example of the dialectic in action, if not a turning on its head of the standard concept of the integrated amplifier.